dear shawnrocks family

do you like the new website.  is it easy to use.  i want this to be bigger and better because i love you.  i wake up each day because of you.  i want to share my life with you and make you smile.  i was born to be a rockstar.  i dont drink smoke or do drugs.  i choose not to do so,  when i started i had no idea what i was doing.  this grew bigger and bigger.  a new day has begun my companey takes pride in making YOU happy.  most websites start free then charge later on i dont do that.  you deserve a free family friendlly website.  i feel great today.  life is awesome.  i am glad to be alive and loved by you.  if you have a big dream DO IT ignore those who put you down.  rise up meet any challange and do it for yourself.  the end resalt is a great feeling in your heart.  dreams make life worth while.  to live by others expectations we sircome to what those want us to be.  i deserve to be on top of the world i worked hard for this.  i wont be stepping down any time soon.  cya all next time.


i love you all

shawn gaudier